New St. James Missionary Baptist Church of St. Augustine: A Place of Spiritual Freedom and Encounter
Welcome to New St. James Missionary Baptist Church of St. Augustine, a vibrant community where you can truly experience the move of God. Our church is a place where you can freely explore and immerse yourself in God's ways, encountering the Holy Spirit and witnessing the transformative power of His presence.
A Season of New Direction and Change
We believe that this is a season of new direction and change, where God is leading us into new depths of spiritual growth and understanding. As a church, we are committed to embracing this season of change and stepping into the new things that God has in store for us. It is an exciting time to be part of our community, as we seek to align ourselves with God's purpose and direction for our lives.
Planted in Fertile Ground for Fruitful Growth
At New St. James, we provide a spiritual environment that is akin to fertile ground. It is a place where you can be firmly rooted and nurtured in your faith, enabling you to bear new and abundant fruit in your life. Our church community is dedicated to creating an atmosphere that fosters spiritual growth, enabling you to experience personal transformation and make a meaningful impact in the world.
Life-Changing Teaching and Preaching
We invite you to join us and be part of the life-changing teaching and preaching that takes place within our church. Our leaders and pastors are committed to delivering God's Word with clarity, relevance, and power. Through dynamic sermons, impactful teachings, and engaging discussions, we aim to equip and empower individuals to live out their faith boldly and authentically.
Come and Experience God's Move
If you are seeking a place where you can encounter God, learn His ways, and experience His move, we warmly invite you to join us at New St. James Missionary Baptist Church of St. Augustine. Here, you will find a community of believers who are passionate about seeking God's presence, growing in faith, and making a difference in the world. Come and be a part of our journey as we pursue a deeper relationship with God and His transformative work in our lives.
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New St. James Missionary Baptist Church: A Historical Journey
New St. James Missionary Baptist Church has a rich history that spans from its organization in 1898 to the present day. Over the years, the church has experienced growth, changes in leadership, and renovations, all while remaining dedicated to its mission and serving the community of West Augustine.
Founding Years and Early Leadership
St. James Baptist Church was established on April 3, 1898, under the leadership of Rev. S. S. Saunders and Deacon F. E. Mitchell. The original trustees were Franklin Mitchell, Isaac Bell, Henry McNair, D. Erwin, J. W. Murray, and John Harris. Following Rev. Saunders' passing in 1915, the church faced a period where information about it was scarce.
Rebuilding and Remodeling
In 1914, the sanctuary was rebuilt under the leadership of Rev. E. L. Harrell and Rev. A. B. Demps. Later, Rev. John Gunn took over as the pastor. In the mid-1950s, under the leadership of Rev. and Sis. E. D. Brown, the sanctuary underwent remodeling. Subsequently, in the late 1970s, the sanctuary was remodeled once again under the leadership of Rev. and Sis. J. C. Shannon.
New Leadership and Renovations
In 1982, Rev. Nathaniel Jackson was called to shepherd the congregation of New St. James. Under his leadership and alongside First Lady Cassandra Jackson, the church underwent significant transformations. In 1985, the exterior of New St. James was renovated, with new doors added to the sanctuary entrance. Additionally, a wing was constructed to serve as a dining hall.
The New Sanctuary and Continued Growth
In September 1994, the old sanctuary was razed, making way for the construction of a new 10,000 square foot sanctuary on the same site. Throughout the construction process, the congregation held services at the Willie Galimore Center and Zion Baptist Church. Finally, on October 22, 1995, Pastor Nathaniel Jackson led the New St. James congregation in a triumphant march from "Vision to Victory" as they entered their new sanctuary.
Expanding Facilities and Community Impact
Following the completion of the new sanctuary, the N. T. Walker Human Resource Building was constructed and became available for use on June 1, 1999. This addition further expanded the church's capacity to serve the congregation and the community of West Augustine.
Through its history of renovations, rebuilding, and growth, New St. James Missionary Baptist Church has remained committed to its mission of worship, service, and community impact. With each new chapter, the church continues to strive toward its vision of being a beacon of hope and renewal in the West Augustine area.
 New St. James is proud to have called the following, "Pastors," during its lifetime:
* Rev. S. S. Saunders 1891
* Rev. E. L Harrell 1914
* Rev. A. B. Demps 1918 - 1929
*Rev. John Gunn 1940
* Rev. C. J. Watkins 1944
* Rev. E. D. Brown 1950 - 1978
* Rev. J. C. Shannon 1979
* Rev. E. D. Brown 1981
*Rev. W. E. Brown 
* Rev. Nathaniel Jackson 1982 - presently is the Pastor

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