New St. James Missionary Baptist Church of St. Augustine, is a Church where you can be free to experience the move of God. A place where you can really learn God’s ways , and encounter the Holy Spirit and move of God. This is a season of New Direction, a season of Change and a season where you can be planted in fertile ground and bring forth new fruit like never before. We now invite you to come out and be a part of the life changing teaching and preaching.
New St. James Missionary Baptist Church1898-PresentSt. James Baptist Church was organized on April 3, 1898, under the leadership oh Rev. S. S. Saunders (Sampson S. Saunders; 1853-1915) and Deacon F. E. Mitchell. Trustees were Franklin Mitchell, Isaac Bell, Henry McNair, D. Erwin, J. W. Murray, and John Harris. Rev. Saunders died on August 22, 1915, and is buried in the San Sebastian Cemetery. It is known that before his death, specifically, on June 27, 1914, the "Surviving Trustees" deeded the property to Henry Madler and Norman McJurris. Information on the church was not found again until 1914, when the sanctuary was rebuilt under the leadership of Rev. E. L. Harrell and Rev. A. B. Demps (1833-1968). After Rev. Demps left in 1929, Rev. John Gunn accepted the call to lead the members of St. James. Around 1955, under the leadership of Rev. and Sis. E. D. Brown , the sanctuary was remodeled. The sanctuary was remodeled again in the late 70's under the Rev. and Sis J. C. Shannon. During the year, 1982, the laid it on the heart of the New St. James family to invite Rev. Nathaniel Jackson to the loving care and leadership of God's precious flock. In 1985, under the leadership of Pastor Nathaniel Jackson and First Lady Cassandra Jackson, the exterior of New St. James was renovated; they added new doors to the entrance of the sanctuary. A wing was also added onto the building to be used as a dining hall. September 1994, Pastor Jackson and the congregation of New St. James Baptist Church razed the entire sanctuary and in its place, a 10,000 square foot sanctuary was rebuilt of the same original site. During construction, church service was held at the Willie Galimore Center on the Second and Forth Sundays; and at Zion Baptist Church on the First and Third Sundays. On October 22, 1995, the New St. James congregation, led by Pastor Nathaniel Jackson, proudly marched from, "Vision to Victory", into the new sanctuary! Pastor Nathaniel Jackson and the congregation pledged that the new 10,000 foot structure will not only be a house of worship, but the new beginning of a rebuilding and rebirth for the West Augustine area, but the work at New St. James had just begun! After the new sanctuary opened in 1995, the N. T. Walker Human Resource Building was constructed and ready for occupancy on June 1, 1999.
 New St. James is proud to have called the following, "Pastors," during its lifetime:
* Rev. S. S. Saunders 1891
* Rev. E. L Harrell 1914
* Rev. A. B. Demps 1918 - 1929
*Rev. John Gunn 1940
* Rev. C. J. Watkins 1944
* Rev. E. D. Brown 1950 - 1978
* Rev. J. C. Shannon 1979
* Rev. E. D. Brown 1981
*Rev. W. E. Brown 
* Rev. Nathaniel Jackson 1982 - presently is the Pastor

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